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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My First Ever Post

As a working woman of only 20 years old, I never had much thought of starting my own blog. My main question was "What would I ever talk about?" Well, looking over my shoulder in my closet (aka: office) my sister Heidi sits beside me, and always talks about amazing blogs she reads or even updating her own blog with cool pictures of her home or telling cool stories that happened to us over the weekend.

Heidi on left. Me on right
Today she left work early and I am all alone in my dark hole trying to stay focused on working. Turns out I am not doing very good at that. That is why I decided to start my very own blog (sounds exciting), because Facebook was just getting to old reading and re-reading posts all day. I am sure no one will even read this, but what the heck, what do I have to lose? Pop Quiz...A: everything B: somethings or C: nothing ... I'd pick C for my answer if I had a choice.

As my very first blog comes to a close, I am already feeling the addiction of wanting to start another post (don't worry, I will spare you today). I hope all of you that reads this (as of right now I have no followers) enjoys my thoughts.

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  1. hahaha STaci you are a natural blogger! Keep up the wit cause it's stinkin funny!