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Friday, July 23, 2010


Today is day 4 with my blog, and I have 1 follower! I am on my way to fame. It may be my sister but what that means is, I am moving up in the world with my blog.

Today being the 23rd half of the employees at my work are gone because of the holiday weekend here in Utah. What could that mean? Only one word Par-tay. Just kidding. It really is just slow and boring so it gives me plenty of time to Blog, Facebook, play scrabble and Lemmings with my lovely sister. I have decided that my Blog is really just a journal, letting me express myself and grant all of you (so far, Heidi) the opportunity to jump into my head and read my thoughts. Last night a group of friends and I went to see Inception. Yes it was a good movie, Its amazing to see how many brilliant people out there in this world to come up with a brilliant idea. Afterwords we were driving to drop some girls off and got on the topic of dreams. It was interesting to hear what kind dreams other people have. It seems like most people have experienced the part in a dream when you try to run away from something and you are running in slow motion. It was agreed that those kinds are always the worst. It also turns out that was the dream I had last night. But I love my dreams. Sometimes they don't make sense or can be nightmares. But at the same time I love that I can escape from my reality and dream of a world that doesn't exist; and in the morning remember my them and try to dissect them. When I am reading a good book it seems that I always dream about them. Our minds are so powerful! I think sometimes inspiration can come from dreams we have, maybe a good story or an idea. I have always wanted to have a Dream journal. I think I am going to start one, Sometimes dreams are unforgettable, why waste them when you forget them?

It is time to close my thoughts, one day I won't be "talking to myself" on my blog.

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