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Monday, October 24, 2011

Hello! This is Staci's sister, Heidi. Periodically I will share how Staci is doing and the many miracles she is seeing! Today's post is from her most recent email:

So during [hurricane] Irene I decided to look through the dead book to see if there was any formers [investigators] that looked like they would have any potential. I found quite a few people that I thought would be receptive. So I wrote the names and addresses all down on our ID List on our wall. The other night we were planning for a day in another town. I wrote down all the potentials and their addreses that were in that area to stop by. We had this address for a Matt on 65 blah blah st. (name of street was changed for protection of my investigatores :0). Well we get there and it happened to be apartments; a bit annoying because there wasn't a whole address. We decide to tract the apartments. We get closer and found out there was only 2. The first one was an older lady who owned the house. She said that no Matt lived there. We decided to knock on the last door anyway. Alice opened :) We asked if she knew a Matt and she said she lived there for 11 yrs and her mother in law that lives down stairs has lived there for a long time. BUT she invited us in. She asked us lots of questions and we taught the restoration to her and introduced the Book of Mormon. It was yet another one of those moments we [her two companions and herself] had taught so perfectly well together. At the end Alice looks at us and says, 'Well if there are three young girls like you that belief in it then there must be something special.' We have a return appt! As we were walking out we thought it was funny that a Matt never had lived in this appt. Then I started to think what if I wrote the address down wrong? So when I got home I looked and I was dyslexic; it was 56 not 65.... yay for dyslexia hahaha HUGE MIRACLE! Alice is golden.

She is doing well with her two companions, still in Plymouth, her first area. She has been out for 5.5 months, in her 4th transfer. On November 11, it will be her 6 month anniversary!
Please write her!

Sister Staci Rachelle Huntsman

New Hampshire Manchester Mission

2 Bedford Farms Ste 208Bedford, NH 03110-6532

If you want, you can email me a letter to Staci at shomakers@gmail.com and I'll send your letter with my own weekly letter. She loves to get letters and hear from her friends!
And Staci's ending to her email today was:

Hope you guys have a great week! Because I know I will! Don't forget to be a good example to others and share this glad message of the gospel to everyone! How selfish would we be if we kept it to our selves?


Sister Staci Huntsman

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  1. hey i didnt know about this. haha your so great heidi. :)-