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Friday, March 4, 2011


I have this habit of naming all inanimate objects. I find that I will not lose them as often and I create a connection with them. So when they pass on I will remember them. I drive this awesome green car. He is scary thats why I call him the Green Monster. Although he really is just a sweet nice guy who is getting old. But on his eye brows (wind shield wipers) there is a little flap that does its own thing, I call him Ted. So that he won't bug me when he makes noises (I find that easier to deal with). Recently my sister gave her previous car, Boris, up for adoption. And then adopted Lars (the exact same Jeep but diff year). So that he will last longer. I have had Squishy a phone, Summer Days an ipod, Sunset another phone, Snow White my computer, Blackie another ipod (shown in image below), and many more that would take me years to tell you all the things I've named. My recent collection is a new phone! It has taken me a couple days to figure out what his name is. It is ZEPTER (he is in the image to the left)! How I got his name you ask? Well, I was working and I get this list of company names everyday that I have to hand out to some of the salesmen and there was a company named Zepter. I immediately new that was his name. It just fits. Plus its kind of like Vector from Despicable Me. Zepter is a super villain (almost as cool as Megamind). I do have to thank Heidi and Robert for giving me Zepter. It was a great gift!

Zepter and I will have lots of adventures with each other. I have already dropped him, yelled at him, and I'm sure he has done the same with me. While talking to all his cell phone buddies. He will be my last phone before my 18 months of electronic-free life well, to an extent. haha. But I do have to say that sounds really great to leave all my friends home and forget them for a little while. It is a good thing they really don't have emotions after all.

until later,

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